Polish Pottery Festival 2023


9th Annual Polish Pottery Festival!



Mark your calendar: 

Polish Pottery Festival - May 13, 2023 



Saturday, May 13, 2023

  10:00am - 5:00pm

Downtown Historic Weston, Missouri


It’s all about food, music, dance, history, artisans, vendors
and, of course, the Polish Pottery!
Fun for the whole family, so come celebrate with us!

The Festival takes place inside Renditions Polish Pottery Shop and outside on Main and Short Streets in Historic Weston, Missouri.


The Ever Popular Polish Pottery Exchange - Have you changed direction in your collection? Have a couple of pieces that don't quite fit in any more? Always on the lookout for an unusual piece or pattern? The Polish Pottery Exchange booth is where people bring Polish Pottery pieces they want to "exchange". The collector receives cash back or store credit for the pieces they bring which can be used to buy pieces other collectors have brought to the Exchange, or for other purchases.Find out more info at Polish Pottery Exchange.




Whether you are a true Polski or just Polish at heart, Renditions Polish Pottery Festival will immerse you in "all things Polish," presenting a kaleidescope of the arts, food, music, culture, heritage and tradition that is uniquely Polish and Eastern European. Enjoy the only Polish Pottery Festival outside of Boleslawiec, Poland! Come and have fun with us!