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Small, Medium and Large Rippled Bakers shown in BB/Robin.

Rippled bakers are available in three sizes, perfect for quiche, casseroles, crisps. Or place a small bowl in the middle for dip and surround with chips!

Also perfect for baking your Irish Soda Bread! Bake a large loaf in your Large Rippled Baker; or divide the recipe into two loaves and bake in two Small Rippled Bakers. You can also find a recipe that only has 3C of flour and bake your loaf in the Medium Rippled Baker. Enjoy hot out of the oven with lots of butter--delicious!


NOTE: When you remove your Polish Pottery from a hot oven, always place it on a hot pad, NOT directly on a cold countertop or stovetop. The change in temperature could cause your bakeware to crack.