Alaina Beatty & Riley Madole

Wedding Date = April 22, 2023


Alaina & Riley have selected eight (8) different patterns for their Polish Pottery collection. They have registered for place setting pieces as well as serving dishes. Items in brown italics have been purchased so far.


For their place settings, they would like 1 of each the following patterns (see images below):

RV/Rhine Valley, P316/Wisteria, BIKW/AugustaDPLC/PosiesEO38/Sweet PeaJ113/May FlowersR268/LidiaWKLZ/Rose Marie

M-083/Bowl F15 - qty = 1 each of 4 different patterns - received one in R268/Lidia

M-084/Bowl F18 - qty = 1 each of 4 different patterns - received one in R268/Lidia

T-132/Plate 26 - qty = 1 each pattern for a total of 8 - received one in R268/Lidia


For their serving pieces and collectibles, they would like the following in any one of their chosen 8 patterns (click on the item below to see available patterns) Items in brown italics have been purchased so far.:

C-008/Illuminated Tree

F-006/Bunny Figurine

F-093/Muffin Pan

L-021/Pumpkin SM

L-033/Illuminated Owl

M-074/Butter Dish

W-019/Vase Felicia

Z-144/Clock Plate  - received one in R268/Lidia

Z-148/Pie Plate

Z-150/Loaf Pan


The couple is planning to pick up their gifts in person in Weston. If you place an order on-line, you may eliminate the s/h cost by making a note in the comments section that you would like to have the item(s) held for pick up. We will deduct the s/h charges before authorizing your credit card. OR you may call and place your order over the phone and we will make a note that the items are to be held for pick up. 816 640 2300.

Please let us know if you are purchasing items for this Wedding Registry so we can keep their quantities updated. Thanks!