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Elle Platter 42 in back, shown in KK01/FiligreeLarge Oval Tray, Medium Oval Tray, Small Oval Tray shown in IM04/Izolde.

Renditions Polish Pottery Oval Trays come in four handy sizes. They are not only functional but beautiful home décor when displayed on easels.

Elle Platter 42 makes an impressive presentation when serving a roasted turkey, rack of lamb or ribs, baked chickens, a goose or a large standing rib roast. Serve the whole meal on it. Doubles as a serving tray for a collection of delicious, exotic fruits or vegetables. Or as a tea service tray.

Large Oval Tray is perfect for serving. Add a small bowl of your choice and you have a great chip and dip tray.

The Medium Oval Tray is just right for all of those in-between uses!

Our Small Oval Tray pairs up nicely with the Tea-for-One Teapot and the Small Bubble Mug, or with the Latte Cup for a soup and sandwich tray. Add a Spreader and you have a great party serving dish.