Stasha Thomas & Scott Prewitt
Wedding Date = October 28, 2023


Stasha & Scott have selected a variety of patterns for their Polish Pottery collection as shown in the images below.

NOTE: The couple would like:
Illuminated Tree in EITHER EOK/Diamond Lattice OR P217/Polonaise
Gnome Bell in EITHER DPLC/Posies OR BM/Chandler
Juicer in EITHER DPLC/Posies OR JS14/Marigolds

Items in brown italics have been purchased so far.
K-073AStraight Cup LG in DPLC/Posies, BB/Robin
P-102/Oval Baker LG in Rend/Zo Girl
P-149/Oval Baker XS in DPLC/Posies
P-165/Scallop Basia in Rend/Zo Girl
Z-149/Deep Square Baker in DPLC/Posies


The couple is planning to pick up their gifts in person in Weston. If you place an order on-line, you may eliminate the s/h cost by making a note in the comments section that you would like to have the item(s) held for pick up. We will deduct the s/h charges before authorizing your credit card. OR you may call and place your order over the phone and we will make a note that the items are to be held for pick up. 816 640 2300.

Please let us know if you are purchasing items for this Wedding Registry so we can keep their quantities updated. Thanks!