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How to Use Your Renditions Polish Pottery Butter Keeper

The Renditions Polish Pottery Butter Keeper is used to keep butter soft and fresh without refrigeration.


To use, smoosh up to 2 sticks of butter into the top of your butter keeper. (You can let the butter soften a bit first to make this easier.) Add about 1/2" of cold water to the bottom. Place the lid with the butter into the water. You want enough water in the bottom so that each time you put the lid on, just a little bit of water trickles out the top, ensuring that your butter has an airtight seal. As you use the butter, add more water. Refresh the water every couple of days, or as needed. Set your butter keeper where you can admire it often.


Your butter will always be at the perfect spreading consistency with the flavor that is both fresh and creamy.