Stand with Ukraine


The world is aghast at Putin’s actions in Ukraine. All are aware of the millions of refugees fleeing Ukraine, over 1 million of which are currently in Poland. During a world event of this magnitude, many ask themselves, “What can I do to help?”

Since 2008, Renditions Polish Pottery in downtown Weston has partnered with the factory Manufaktura in Boleslawiec, Poland. In response to  well wishes during this crisis from the Renditions team to our partners at Manufaktura, we received the following message:

“We [Manufaktura] are doing ok, considering the circumstances. We are all stressed, naturally, but we are also trying to do our utmost to help the refugees, which are coming in huge numbers even to our remote little town.

 “We [Manufaktura] have interviewed a couple of Ukrainian painters, that came to Poland only yesterday. We have even made a special Ukrainian flag-themed collection “Thousand Hearts” which are sold exclusively in Poland and all of the revenue goes to the hospital, which collects medical supplies for Ukraine. Everyone helps how they can – a lady from packing department took 6 people under her roof, our form technologist is also hosting a Ukrainian mother and two children, I myself have bought and packed over 10 boxes of provisions and hygienic products for the refugees – it is not much, but I hope it will help a few people. The overwhelming majority of them are women and children, so we have also chipped in at work for a big delivery of diapers and baby formula.

 “In general – we [Poland] are not out of the woods with the pandemic yet and here comes another big change in our lives, since a lot of Ukrainians will probably stay in Poland, even after the war ends, which we are all hoping will be soon. But we are keeping our chins up and focusing on the work and on the help we can bring.”

Renditions replied to Manufaktura with the question: “What can we do to help?” Knowing that Renditions has a personal connection with Poland, many customers and people within the community have contacted us with the same question: how can we help and feel confident our donations are providing direct help to refugees who need it?

Karolina at Manufaktura recommended the foundation they are working with for their “Thousand Hearts” campaign. The foundation “Health Support” has been operating adjacent to the town hospital in Boleslawiec, Poland, since 2007. They have opened a special account dedicated to collecting funds mainly for the refugees that are in Boleslawiec, and also to purchase medical supplies for a hospital in Ukraine. In the hospital in Boleslawiec, there are two resident doctors from Ukraine that worked in Zhytomyr’s hospital and are in constant contact with their colleagues there. They not only help the Ukrainian people that come to Boleslawiec, but also communicate with the hospital in Zhytomyr regarding their needs.

“Health Support” is local and trusted. The people at Manufaktura know the foundation and are confident that the funds always reach the ones in need.  Their accounting is public, and each year they release a detailed document listing how they have managed the funds.


Looking for a way to make a direct impact on the refugee situation in Poland? Renditions Polish Pottery is working in conjunction with Weston Christian Church to gather tax deductible donations for the foundation “Health Support” in Boleslawiec, Poland.

Make checks payable to: Weston Christian Church with “UKRAINE” in the memo line.

Drop off at or mail to Renditions Polish Pottery, 522 Main, Weston, MO 64098, or Weston Christian Church at 540 Washington Street, Weston, MO 64098.

Questions may be directed to Renditions at 816 640 2300,