Turn your Polish Pottery Cup into a Travel Mug! 


You will love this new addition to your Polish Pottery collection--a spill-proof lid to fit onto your favorite Polish Pottery cup so you can take it with you anywhere you go!

These great lids, MADE IN THE USA, fit the following cup styles:

K-083/Tall Mug
K-083A/Tall Tumbler (perfect for a car cup holder)
K-081/Mars Mug

Available in a variety of colors. You probably need more than one so you can have one in the dishwasher and one to use!


The lid features a rubber gasket that you leave open to drink; flip it closed for a spill-proof cup. The lids are made with FDA approved materials: the base material is polypropylene and the gaskets are silicone. They are dishwasher safe and microwavable.

Easy to fit: simply press the lid down onto your Poplish Pottery Cup for a firm fit and remove by pressing upwards from outer edge. Leave lid open for ease of installation.

CAUTION: Product manufactured with low thermal-conductivity materials, but as with any hot beverage, always remember to use caution. Do not fill container to lid, leave room to prevent overflow when placing top on your Polish Pottery cup.