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All levels of Manufaktura Polish Pottery at Renditions are the same superior quality of stoneware. The different pattern levels indicate the level of detail and skill involved in painting each pattern.


Traditional - Simplest in design and color, typically with a white rim. The "Peacock” and "Mosquito” are two of the original Traditional patterns.


UNIKAT - "Unikat" means “unique” in English. At this level, we see more complex designs and more colors. The rims are blue or green and each piece is stamped “UNIKAT”. Stamping and brush strokes are used for painting the designs.


Signature - These patterns are the work of master artists who have achieved the highest level of accomplishment. The intricate designs require more skill and time to paint. Colors and designs of each piece reflect the artist's vision. Signature pieces have blue or green rims, and the back sides of the plates are also decorated. The artist signs each piece, which increases their desirability.


Premier - Premier is our most elaborate series, made exclusively for Renditions. Designed by master artists, these patterns have all of the attributes of the Signature series with many colors and motifs incorporated into the designs. They are signed by the artist, stamped as Renditions Exclusive, and are available only through Renditions and our retailers.


Blossom Series - Our new Blossom series is part of Manufaktura's Modern line. It features bright single color patterns that just make you smile! Great to mix and match within the Blossom series and with other Polish Pottery patterns.


Exclusive - Exclusive patterns are designed for us or by us, stamped Renditions Exclusive, and are available only through our shop or our retailers. We currently have 14 Renditions Exclusives.