About Manufaktura

 The clay prior to processing.

 Smoothing out seams and edges.

 First firing.

 The painting room.

 Painting using a pedestal.

 Dunking in clear glaze.

Final firing.

Manufaktura, established in 1993, is a privately owned factory in Boleslawiec. Poland. It is one of the leading producers of handmade stoneware. It evolved out of the merging of the Smolensk and Zwierz families.


Manufaktura uses the native white clay and their specially developed glazes to insure the highest quality stoneware. After glazing, the second firing takes place. The combination of the special glaze and high temperature firing creates a surface exceptionally durable, highly resistant to scratching, chipping and wear.


The glazes are certified cadmium and lead free by the USDA. They are made with all natural products. All Manufaktura Polish Pottery is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.


Manufaktura and their potters are continually developing new pottery designs with more intricate motifs and patterns. However, the original designs with the repeating circles and dots, such as the Peacock and Mosquito, continue to be favorites.


With motifs that reflect the folk art tradition, Manufaktura Polish Pottery has an engaging combination of beauty, elegance, versatility and function. For all of these qualities, it is recognized throughout Poland, Europe and the United States as stoneware of the highest quality. Renditions is proud to offer

Manufaktura Polish Pottery to our customers.


Our Renditions Polish Pottery is safe to use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. However, avoid extreme and sudden temperature changes (e.g. broiler, immediate refrigerator to oven, or oven to cold water). When removing your dish from the oven, remember to always place it on a hot pad, not directly onto your stove top, countertop or metal trivet. A temperature change could cause your pottery to crack.


When used in ovens, our Polish Pottery provides an even heat distribution while retaining moisture. For meat baking, we recommend adding a little water to the bottom of the stoneware.


Due to clay's natural tendencies, all foods stored in our Polish Pottery will preserve freshness for extended peiords of time.


The hard glaze finish makes cleaning your Polish Pottery easy.


As with any hand-formed and hand-painted stoneware, colors and patterns may vary.