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Blair Turnbull & John Riney

Wedding Date = May 29, 2021


Blair & John are open to any Polish Pottery patterns for their pieces. Their favorite patterns are shown below. They are interested in the forms listed below the pattern images (items listed in brown italics have been purchased for the couple so far.). Click on the name to see shapes and patterns available. Feel free to call with questions or to place your order!



DP16/Forget Me Nots





REND/Zo Girl


J113 May Flowers




WKK/Midnight Daisy



Place Setting pieces:

Tall Tumbler - set of 8, each a different pattern; have received 4 so far in JS14/Marigolds, P217/Polonaise, DPLC/Posies, J113/May Flowers 

Bowl F15 - set of 8, each a different pattern 

Bowl F18 - set of 8, each a different pattern 

Plate 17 - set of 8, each a different pattern 

Plate 22 - set of 8, each a different pattern

Plate 28 - set of 8, each a different pattern 


Serving dishes - choose the form you like best to gift to the couple!

Bowl F24 - any pattern 

10-sided Bowl M - any pattern 

10-sided Bowl LG - received in P316/Wisteria 

Bowl F30 -  received in J113/May Flowers


Baking dishes - choose the form you like best to gift to the couple!

Deep Rectangular Baker - any pattern 


Ruffled Baker 32 - any pattern 

Ruffled Baker 27 - received in P316/Wisteria 

Muffin Pan - received in P316/Wisteria



Divided Platter - any pattern

Bowl G13 - to go with Divided Platter

Oval Tray SM - set of 4, each a different pattern - received one in DP16/Forget Me Nots

Utensil Holder - any pattern

Pumpkin SM - any pattern

3L Basia Pitcher - received in DPLC/Posies

1.5L Teapot - received in P316/Wisteria

Sugar & Creamer Set received in P316/Wisteria

Teaspoon - received in P316/Wisteria

Bubble M - received 2 in P316/Wisteria

Spreader - received in DP16/Forget Me Nots

Napkin Holder - received in DP16/Forget Me Nots

Wall Clock - received in J113/May Flowers

Flower Pot LG - received 1 in REOS/Mayzie

Flower Pot SM - received 1 in J8TU/Turquoise Blossom

Heart Box in R268/Lidia - received 







The couple is planning to pick up their gifts in person in Weston. If you place an order on-line, you may eliminate the s/h cost by making a note in the comments section that you would like to have the item(s) held for pick up. We will deduct the s/h charges before authorizing your credit card. OR you may call and place your order over the phone and we will make a note that the items are to be held for pick up. 816 640 2300.








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